"Clean, Clean, Clean" is a song from the episode "Fly Girl".

Characters singing


Pablo: I'm a little different... from most pirates that you've seen. There's one thing I love most of all, and that's a ship that's spa-arkling clean! Clean, clean, clean, my ship must be clean! Completely spic and span! But for lots of random reasons, it never truly can! 'Cause the wind and the rain and the salt and the dirt! They make my ship all messy... and wrinkle up my shirt! The seagulls drop their droppings... the mess hall is a mess! Barnacles have spoiled my maw with stinky stickiness! Clean, clean, clean, my ship must be clean, but that's a tough job out at sea! Clean, clean, clean, my ship must be clean, but I'm the cleaning crew, you see? So I'm cross, and I'm grumpy, and grumbly and mean. When seas are rough, it's tough to be clean, clean... cle-e-e-ean!

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