חֲבוּרַת הֶחָצֵר (romanized as Chavurat heChatzer, English: The Yard Gang) is is the Hebrew dub of The Backyardigans.

The dub debuted in 2009 on the Hop! Network with the episode "Pirate Treasure".

Official description

From Hop!: מיכאלה, ירון, דנה, עידו ויוני הם חברים המשתעשעים במשחקים דמיוניים. בכל פרק הם מוצאים עצמם במקומות שונים ומרתקים המלווים בשירים מקוריים במקצבים שונים.
Translation: Michaela, Yaron, Dana, Ido, and Yoni are friends playing imaginary games. In each episode, they find themselves in different places, accompanied by rhythmic, fascinating, original songs.

Voice cast

Character(s) Actor
Uniqua (מִיכָאֵלָה - Michaela) טליה ברקאי (Talya Barkay)
Pablo (עִידוֹ - Ido) אתי קסטרו (Eti Castro)
Tyrone (יָרוֹן - Yaron) שירלי לילו (Shirly Lilu, seasons 1-2)
ענבר גל (Inbar Gal, seasons 3-4)
Tasha (דָנָה - Dana) עינת אזולאי (Einat Azulay)
Austin (יוֹנִי - Yoni) דורון בן עמי (Doron Ben-Ami, seasons 1-2)
דור סרוגו (Dor Srugo, seasons 3-4)
Dragon (דְרָקוֹן - Dragon) דור סרוגו (Dor Srugo)


Main article: List of episodes

The entire series has been translated and dubbed in Hebrew.

Season 1

# Original title Hebrew title
1 "Pirate Treasure" TBA
2 "The Heart of the Jungle" TBA
3 "The Yeti" TBA
4 "The Snow Fort" TBA
5 "Secret Mission" TBA
6 "It's Great to Be a Ghost!" TBA
7 "Riding the Range" TBA
8 "The Key to the Nile" TBA
9 "Knights Are Brave and Strong" TBA
10 "Viking Voyage" TBA
11 "Castaways" TBA
12 "Race to the Tower of Power" TBA
13 "The Quest for the Flying Rock" TBA
14 "Polka Palace Party" TBA
15 "Surf's Up" TBA
16 "Eureka!" TBA
17 "Race Around the World" TBA
18 "Monster Detectives" TBA
19 "Cave Party" TBA
20 "High Tea" TBA

Season 2

# Original title Hebrew title
1 "Mission to Mars" TBA
2 "Samurai Pie" TBA
3 "Scared of You" TBA
4 "Whodunit" TBA
5 "The Legend of the Volcano Sisters" TBA
6 "The Swamp Creature" TBA
7 "Horsing Around" TBA
8 "Special Delivery" TBA
9 "International Super Spy: Part 1" TBA
10 "International Super Spy: Part 2" TBA
11 "Movers of Arabia" TBA
12 "Cops and Robots" TBA
13 "The Secret of Snow" TBA
14 "Sinbad Sails Alone" TBA
15 "Best Clowns in Town" TBA
16 "Save the Day" TBA
17 "Into the Deep" TBA
18 "News Flash" TBA
19 "Catch That Butterfly" TBA
20 "A Giant Problem" TBA

Season 3

# Original title Hebrew title
1 "Who Goes There?" TBA
2 "Blazing Paddles" TBA
3 "Garbage Trek" TBA
4 "Fly Girl" TBA
5 "What's Bugging You?" TBA
6 "Chichen-Itza Pizza" TBA
7 "To the Center of the Earth" TBA
8 "Front Page News" TBA
9 "Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 1" TBA
10 "Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 2" TBA
11 "Le Master of Disguise" TBA
12 "Match on Mt. Olympus" TBA
13 "The Great Dolphin Race" TBA
14 "Caveman's Best Friend" TBA
15 "Ranch Hands from Outer Space" TBA
16 "Robin Hood the Clean" TBA
17 "Escape from Fairytale Village" TBA
18 "Pirate Camp" TBA
19 "The Two Musketeers" TBA
20 "The Masked Retriever" TBA

Season 4

# Original title Hebrew title Translation
1 "Robot Rampage: Part 1" "הׂשְתּוֹלֵל רוֹבּוֹט, חֵלֶק א'" Rampaging Robots, Part A
2 "Robot Rampage: Part 2" "הׂשְתּוֹלֵל רוֹבּוֹט, חֵלֶק ב'" Rampaging Robots, Part b
3 "Catch that Train!" "לִתְפוֹס אֶת הָרַכֶּבֶת!" Catch the Train!
4 "Attack of the 50 Foot Worman" "מִתְקֶפֶת הַווּרמֵן הְַעַנָקִי" Attack of the Giant Worman
5 "Dragon Express" "דּוֹאר דְּרָקוֹנִ'ם" Dragon Mail
6 "Flower Power" "כּוֹחַ פֶרַח" Flower Power
7 "The Funnyman Boogeyman" "בּוּגִימֵן הַמּצֵחִיק" The Funny Boogeyman
8 "Follow the Feather" "אַחֲרֵ' הַנּוֹצָה" Follow the Feather
9 "Break Out!" "לָצֵאת הַחוּצָה" Escaping
10 "The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve" (none)[1]
11 "Los Galacticos" לוֹס גָלַקְטִיקוֹס Los Galácticos
12 "For the Love of Socks!" "הַגַּרְבַּײם בְּׂשֵם כּלׁ" In the Name of Socks
13 "The Flipper" "קַפְצָנִ'" The Jumper
14 "Elephant on the Run" "פִּילה בִּמְנוּסָה" Elephant on the Run
15 "The Magic Skateboard" "סְקֶטְבּוֹרְד הַקֶּסֶם" TBA
16 "Pablor and the Acorns" TBA TBA
17 "Super Team Awesome" TBA TBA
18 "The Big Dipper Diner" TBA TBA
19 "The Amazing Splashinis" TBA TBA
20 "The Tale of the Not-So-Nice Dragon" "סיפור על דרקון לא נחמד" The Tale of the Mean Dragon
  1. Due to the fact that Christmas is not an official, national holiday celebrated within the Israeli tradition and culture, no Hebrew version was produced.


The dub debuted in Israel on the Hop! Network in 2009. The final episode premiered in 2016.

Hop! aired the entire series, in PAL. Episodes were aired in a 4:3 fullscreen format. Reruns are currently broadcast regularly.

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