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  • The episode is promoted as Runaway Train on early promotions for the Robot Repairman DVD.
  • Various segments of this episode bear a similar fashion to the imagery shown in The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: (Chapter 13) Adventures in the Secret Service.
  • The train used in this episode has a strong resemblance to the train in Le Master of Disguise.
  • Austin and Tasha do not appear in this episode.
  • This episode is included on the BIG Backyard Adventures DVD collection.
  • During the song, It Was a Really Good Choo-Choo Ride, when Uniqua sang the line: "I'm happy that the Tsar is glad this was the best he's ever had." and Pablo sings: "I'm just relieved we made it back. And the train still on the railroad track. I left my bag, I did not stop!", throughout those words, Uniqua's antenna are not seen.
  • Pablo wears an ushanka for the second time.


  • "We've got to catch that train!"
  • "Pablo Pablovich, you're brilliant!"

Music Genre

  • Ragtime


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