This page contains a list of all Backyardigans DVDs that have been released in the United Kingdom.

10 DVDs, a boxset, and a promotional DVD have been released in the UK as of August 28, 2006. The first four volumes were released by Nelvana International and Paramount. For the fifth volume, Nelvana gave rights to Fremantle Media to distribute the DVDs.

They are all in 4:3 full screen. The first four volumes feature six audio tracks - a British English dub, a French dub, a German dub, an Italian dub, a Castilian dub, and a Swedish dub track, all in 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo. At the beginning of the disc, an option is given to customise the disc's menu language preference (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, or Swedish). The next six volumes feature one audio track - a British English dub track in 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo. English HOH subtitles are included. Mission to Mars is the only DVD to include the original audio.

On October 2008, a UK newspaper company titled "The Sun" and Nelvana Kids released a promotional DVD, titled The Backyardigans, to promote an upcoming DVD (The Secret of Snow). This promo disc included 2 episodes from The Secret of Snow.

Into the Deep was originally set to be released before The Secret of Snow, but was postponed. The DVD is still referred to as the second volume.

Released by Nelvana International/Paramount

CoverNameRelease Date# of EpisodesEpisodes/Bonus
Polka Palace PartyAugust 28, 20064

1. Polka Palace Party

2. High Tea

3. The Heart Of The Jungle

4. Viking Voyage

Cave PartyFebruary 5, 20074

16. Cave Party

17. Race Around The World

18. Eureka!

19. Castaways

Surf's UpJuly 2, 20074

16. Surf's Up

17. Riding The Range

18. Race To The Tower Of Power

19. The Quest For The Flying Rock

The Snow FortOctober 15, 20074

16. The Snow Fort

17. The Yeti

18. Knights Are Brave And Strong

19. Secret Mission

Released by Nelvana Kids/Fremantle Media

CoverNameRelease Date# of EpisodesEpisodes/Bonus
081126114533 l
Mission to Mars (Vol. 1)June 16, 20085

1. Mission To Mars

2. Samurai Pie

3. Scared Of You

4. Whodunit

5. The Legend Of The Volcano Sisters

91exAnXQX9S. SL1500
Into the Deep (Vol. 2)February 16, 20095

16. Cops And Robots

17. Sinbad Sails Alone

18. Best Clowns In Town

19. Save The Day

20. Into The Deep

The Secret of Snow (Vol. 3)October 27, 200810

Disc 1:

6. The Secret of Snow

17. The Swamp Creature

13. Horsing Around

16.  Special Delivery

14. International Super Spy: Part 1

15. International Super Spy: Part 2

15. News Flash

Disc 2:

7. A Giant Problem

19. Who Goes There?

8. Blazing Paddles

12. Rubbish Trek

11. Fly Girl

18. What's Bugging You?

10. Chichen-Itza Pizza

91AIJG7QR4L. SL1500
Tale of the Mighty Knights (Vol. 4)April 13, 20095

21. Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 1

22. Le Master of Disguise

23. Front Page News

24. To The Center Of The Earth

25. Tale of the Mighty Knights: Part 2

91UQB1X1TuL. SL1500
Movers of Arabia (Vol. 5)June 29, 20095

26. Movers Of Arabia

27. Match on Mt. Olympus

28. The Great Dolphin Race

29. Caveman's Best Friend

30. Ranch Hands from Outer Space

Robin Hood the Clean (Vol. 6)August 31, 20095

26. Robin Hood the Clean

27. Pirate Camp

28. Escape from Fairytale Village

29. The Two Musketeers

30. The Masked Retriever


CoverNameRelease Date# of EpisodesEpisodes
Triple Pack
Triple PackMay 16, 201115

Re-release of Tale of the Mighty Knights, Movers of Arabia, and Robin Hood the Clean.

Promotional DVDs

CoverNameRelease Date# of EpisodesEpisodes
$ 57-1
Nick Jr. The BackyardigansOctober, 20082

1. The Secret of Snow

2. Fly Girl

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