Backyardigans Baby is an international merchandise line featuring images of The Backyardigans characters as infants.


"The Backyardigans are going back – way back – to when they were little babies! Get ready to go “gaa-gaa” for 'Backyardigans Baby', an image collection specifically designed for infants. This guide features cute, chunky versions of the classic characters, clutching rattles and bottles, and playing with teddy bears and blocks. With bright colors and charming infant iconography, 'Backyardigans Baby' is just right for the smallest backyard friends!"


Backyardigans Baby began in 2008. Nickelodeon's art department supplied promotional art of the Backyardigans characters as babies. Brazilian companies (such as Multibrink, Lillo, Elka) partnered with Viacom for children's merchandise deals. These included plush toys, clothing, and accessories depicting the Backyardigans Baby characters.

In 2013, the Baby characters were redesigned. The same companies produced more merchandise (less than they had earlier). These were mostly clothing and household items. In 2013, the Backyardigans Baby character designs were remodeled and used on various sites and merchandise.

The official Nick Jr. Facebook page released an image of Uniqua as a baby in 2013. The Nickelodeon Animation Studios site has used the images of Baby Tyrone and Baby Tasha on the Backyardigans show page since it was created in 2014.


Promotional images



  • Various South American toy-selling websites (such as and list the merchandise line's title as Backyardigans Babies (or, less commonly, BackyardiBabies). These are used interchangeably with Backyardigans Baby.
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