"Astronauts Never Give Up" is a song from the episode "Mission to Mars".

Characters singing


Austin and Pablo: We're stuck!

Austin: In a lake in a cavern... in a hole in a cave.

Pablo: On a distant red planet, and I'm not feeling brave.

Austin: And we've lost my pal ROVER, that's what bothers me most...

Pablo: My calculations say... we're pretty much toast.

Uniqua: You guys, we're astronauts! And astronauts never give up!

Uniqua: Who flew all this way through the darkness of space, to explore a new planet for the whole human race? Whose skill got us out of the meteor shower? Whose skill was that?

Austin: That it had to be ours!

Uniqua: Yes, we lost touch... with Mission Contro-ol! And yes, we're at the bottom of a really deep ho-ole! And yes, we don't know how to get back to ROVER, but none of that means that the story is over! 'Cause astronauts... never give up, my friends! Astronauts... never give up!

Austin and Pablo: Astronauts... never give up?

Uniqua: That's right! Astronauts... never give up! We're the bravest, we're the strongest! Plus, we work the hardest! Astronauts... never give up! We took the Astronaut Pledge, the Astronaut Oath!

Pablo: Well, which one was it?

Uniqua: Pretty sure it was both! When we took that pledge, it said: 'No matter what, you never call it quits if you’re an astronaut'! 'Cause astronauts... never give up, my friends! Astronauts... never give up! Sing it!

Austin and Pablo: Astronauts... never give up, no sir! Astronauts... never give up!

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