"Aha!" is a song from the episode "Whodunit".

Characters singing


When something strange happens, and no one knows why... need a great detective, and I’m that guy. 

When someone did a crime, but you don’t know who,... call a great detective to find out who for you. 

Who solves the mystery? Who finds out? 

Me, the great detective! And when I do I shout... 

Aha! When I find a clue. 

Aha! That’s just what I do. 

Aha! That’s the word I yell.

Yes, I’m the great detective, and here’s how you can tell: "Aha!"

Got a mystery on your hand, on your feet, or on your head? 

Well, don’t just stand there. Call me instead! 

With my great detective hat, and my great detective mind...

...and my magnifying glass, there’s no answer I can’t find. 

The why, the what, the when, where, who! 

I’ll answer every riddle, I’ll follow every clue! 

"Aha!" That’s just what I’ll say. 

Aha! When I’ve saved the day. 

"Aha," in a British voice. 

You need a great detective, I’m your number one choice!

Aha! Aha! Aha! Aha!


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